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Design, printing and finishing under 1 roof

At BMT Additive, we believe in “co-creation”. That means supporting you with the most advanced expertise and technologies throughout your project, from initial planning to final quality assurance. By integrating a comprehensive range of services, we can ensure results that surpass your expectations!

Design for additive

BMT Additive has extensive experience in engineering and radically optimising existing designs to make full use of the flexibility of the 3D printing process.
Our capabilities in integrating design, engineering, simulation, process control and testing typically result in product developments that meet important targets.

3D Printing

Mastering the additive manufacturing process is key. At BMT Additive, we prepare every production run meticulously. Every part of the printer and raw materials is checked before we begin manufacturing. After production, the service conditions are analysed.
BMT Additive’s Quality Assurance incorporates in-house Advanced inspection technology that ensure 100% inspection. Each batch of parts is paired to several test coupons to ensure full traceability of all parts produced.


Finishing is part of the BMT Group’s core business. We are proficient in a variety of finishing options. In addition to CNC, we have access to methods with more geometrical freedom, such as electropolishing, tribo-finishing and blasting techniques.

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Industry Segments

Our portfolio of capabilities and technologies is driving higher standards and creating new possibilities in several industries. In each one, we work closely with our customers, providing tailored services and in-depth expertise to help them enhance their offering.

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BMT Additive

BMT Additive is a subsidiary of the BMT Group. We are an integrated metal additive manufacturing part supplier offering multiple product and technology solutions for various industries. We believe in “co-creation”, combining design, printing and finishing capabilities under one roof. This integrated approach is crucial from the earliest stage of our customers’ product development to ensure the maximum value of additive manufacturing. It enables us to add significant value, driven by a tailored design for functionality, the selected printing technology and finishing steps. This makes us a unique partner for our customers.

All our parts are subjected to stringent testing, including 100% inspection through in-house scanning to ensure they meet the highest standards applicable in our customers’ industry sectors.